Classifieds Quick Help and F.A.Q.'s

How much does it cost to post a classified ad?
- It is absolutely free

How long until I can see my Listing?

- Your listing will be visible on the website when one of our Administrators validate it. This should be done within a few business days, as long as you complete the information on the Sell page to the best of your ability. If your submission looks to be automated or fake, it may be denied and deleted by our staff to ensure the classified listings are of the best quality.

How can I reply to an Ad?
- Well, there are a few methods for responding to an advertisement. First, you must view the advertisements details, and on this page, contact information for the seller can be found. This information includes a name, number, and email address. While we do not conduct the conversion of product or money on this site, you may use that information to either call or email the seller, and make a connection to start the transaction.

Can I post a picture with my Lising?
- Of Course! You can post a photo when you submit your listing to the website, but it must be a Jpg, Gif, or Png file type. We'll tell you if something's not right when you submit. Take note however, after submission you cannot later add a picture. In order to do this, you'll have to delete your classified listing, and resubmit one again.

How long will my classified listing remain on the site ?
- Your listing will remain as long as our Administrators see fit. If it dissapears and you were not responsible, chances are the website staff removed it due to time appearing on the website. This time may vary from ad to ad. Never fear, if your listing is removed and you still need to sell an item, feel free to repost a new listing.

How can I remove my sold listing?
- Your listing can be removed via the Remove Listing tool. Navigate the website to find your ad. Once you find it, click "Owner Listing Removal" From here, you will be asked for your password you made when submitting the ad to continue. If you've forgotten the password, you must wait until your ad is removed by the website staff after some time.

How can I avoid being scammed?
- You should use common sense when dealing with transactions, and contact to sellers or buyers. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. This website is not responsible for the transaction process, however the following tips are recommended.

  • You should not wire funds (via Western Union, etc.).
    If you are told to wire funds, you are more than likely dealing with a scammer.
  • Beware of fake cashier checks and money orders.
    Fakes are common and the banks may even cash them. But beware when the fraud is discovered you may be liable to repay this money. Pick your payment method carefully.
  • Never share your private info.
    Anyone asking for bank account numbers, login info, social security, or any personal information not required to complete a transaction is a scammer.

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