Details : Hail to the Thief in
Hail to the Thief

A Satirical take on socio economical situation of India.

Contains Videos, presented by amateur directors and actors.

No slapstick foot in the mouth comedy, contains genuine and subtle humour..... | Details
Details : Jantar Mantar in
Jantar Mantar

A blog which talk about political and currents topics from India .We try to analyze the current situation in a historical perspective. | Details
Details : Punarjanmm in

''बहुत हुई यह शल्यचिकित्सा कटे हुए अंगों की,
कब तक यूँ तस्वीर संवारें बदरंगी रंगों की.
बीत गया संवाद-समय, अब करना होगा कर्म;
नए समय की नयी जरूरत है ये पुनर्जन्म''
अब समय मात्र संवाद का नहीं रहा.. समय परिवर्तन का है, परिणामोत्पादक
प्रक्रिया का है, परिणाम का है, पुनर्जन्म का है..
'पुनर्जन्म' हर मर चुकी व्यवस्था का, समाज की शेष हो चुकी रूढ़ियों का,
बजबजाती राजनीति का..
बहुत से शेष प्रश्नों को... | Details
Details : The Fizzy Penguin
The Fizzy Penguin

My slant on life and current affairs from the Costa Brava in Spain. | Details
Details : DREAMS

Its my personnel views about social issues | Details
Details : Love, Sex , Health & Dogs
Love, Sex , Health & Dogs

This is a blog for discussing on human relationships, health matters and probably in future, I will add some content on dogs which I love a lot, no pornographic stuff here. | Details
Details : Brain-easers

Thoughts that flow by.. | Details
Details : Fishing In Thailand.
Fishing In Thailand.

fishing in Thailand.and fishing Trip in Thailand. | Details
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