Details : InfoPaintball us

A steady ongoing paintball site that gives you up to date paintball news, tips, how-to's and more! | Details
Details : Thoughts Explained ca
Thoughts Explained

I just wanted a space where I could write in a semi-academic fashion about topics that were bothersome or interesting. This will probably range within the topics of moral issues, science, skepticism or just sobering explanations of drunken tirades.

I've covered topics in skepticism, the environment, philosophy, and many others and look forward to talking about many more. | Details
Details : The Great Red Comet-Earth Science Chronicles us
The Great Red Comet-Earth Science Chronicles

Comprehensive News and Events on Our Changing Planet | Details
Details : Free Kick
Free Kick

Sports blog with humor... | Details
Details : Bona Dea Sanctuary Nature Notes
Bona Dea Sanctuary Nature Notes

This is a blog/journal on a local wildlife sanctuary. It is written as if you are along for the ride. | Details
Details : TSALIIM

Team for Scientific Awareness on Local Issues in Indian Masses (तस्लीम). | Details
Details : Subterranean Homesick Alien
Subterranean Homesick Alien

Comment on Philosophy, specially in retrospective of science...Its logical and analytical reasoning. And application to religion and society... | Details
Details : Dynamic

On this blog you can find out the science related information and other interesting articles. | Details
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