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Fictionit - Reality & Fiction

My blog is about fiction-ing reality... Some words, a few incidents, moments and memories. They change us all, don;t they? | Details
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Dunia Maya

Konflik Antara Hati dan Otak | Details
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O Mundo em Contra Mão

Blog de crítica e opiniões sobre as políticas que afectam negativamente a humanidade. O Homem na actualidade necessita urgentemente de arrepiar caminho, em busca de um novo Mundo! | Details
Details : Poc & Poch ro
Poc & Poch

This blog came to life in 2008 and it was purely out of fun (I wanted to surprise Johnny by using his keyword: POCh, with “h” mute, as he likes to say). It was something very much random. I never knew (I still don’t know) how this blog will turn out and nor did I had any intention of actually keeping a blog. But it happened. | Details
Details : Memoria de Naufragios es
Memoria de Naufragios

Poesía, literatura, Arte, Música desde una apreciación subjetiva y personal | Details
Details : iSoda Philippines ph
iSoda Philippines

Food and Drinks review in the Philippines!!! | Details
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My Fish n Chips

Money, Technology and News! =D | Details
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A stay-at-home mom's blog - an attempt to be a work at home mom.

A photographer and a writer by profession who stayed a stay at home mom for sometime now yet she never put aside her love for writing and photography.


She has 3 kids, often featured in her stories.

You'll also find adventures in the kitchen and food joints around Vienna or where they travel, what they find appealing to the eyes and the palate. Most of the time, just stories ab | Details
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