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Half British, half Japanese girl learning to comfortably straddle more than one culture while globetrotting (globe-galloping, more like). Wants to learn German so she goes by the German-ified version of her Japanese name her boyfriend assigned her. It's a start, oder? | Details
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new love

all about make up and beauty and related stuff | Details
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Learning to Fly and Other Adventures

I write on my personal blog as I explore life, including philosophy, psychology, politics, religion, fashion, music, likes and dislikes and the general day to day musings of a slightly crazy girl :) | Details
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Personal writing sharing informasi | Details
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thinking april

A personal blog of a statistician working in the actuarial field with an absolute zeal for an awesome life. | Details
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Vanity Moments

Tom Thomas (Tomz) is the owner of this personal blog which features his experiences, memories, funny happenings and jokes, love, sex etc. | Details
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Beauty in Everything

{Young* NEWLYWEDS} Living in Santo Domingo. Estudiante de Franc├ęs/HouseWife & Med School Student/Husband. Because there are beautiful things worth sharing. Amusez-vous bien!

Because there are beautiful things* worth sharing. | Details
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pretty in mad

blog personale e di lomografia, fotografia, 365 project, tutorials e tutto quello che mi viene in mente scrivendo! | Details
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