Details : MY HAPPY ENDING ca

A girl's blog about makeup, beauty, fashion and life. Includes self portraits because she is vain. Often reviews beauty items and lists fashion trends of the season. *~^ keep rockin' | Details
Details : This side of Perry ph
This side of Perry

This side of Perry | Details
Details : Tentativi digitali it
Tentativi digitali

Photographic each day about my Italian experiences and my world travels | Details
Details :  Yefri Chan Blog id
Yefri Chan Blog

Education,college textbooks,Machine Element,Mechanical Career and Solar Energy | Details
Details : No Apologies No Excuses! in
No Apologies No Excuses! | Details
Details : My Second Trial de
My Second Trial

A personal blog with many photos | Details
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our God-written love story | Details
Details : Linda Long Writes us
Linda Long Writes

blogs, poetry and short stories. Slice of life with sensual undertones | Details
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