Details : bending down at life's crossroads ph
bending down at life's crossroads

my blog is all about me, my emotions, my mind and my soul, it speaks about the life i had, the life i wish i could have and the life i rejected! | Details
Details : Raddien id

Happiness, Fun, Heritage, The Future ...
Postings are several activities I do, whether with friends, family or other community. And there are also posting information about culinary tourism and in Banten in particular and Indonesia in general. Info about cycling, riding with a motorcycle, backpacking, and other travel activities. | Details
Details : Raddien Pelangi id
Raddien Pelangi

Art. | Details
Details : Wirapati id

Memberikan Arti Walau Setetes | Details
Details : Rey Marvelouz id
Rey Marvelouz

All about my life,included design,faith,photo and etc.. | Details
Details : us

The ramblings of a former radio dj who has a large stash of yarn, a knitting project a month, the crazy urge to cook and a small caffiene addiction. Movies, music, knitting, cooking, and much more. | Details
Details : Daily life as a working mom us
Daily life as a working mom

I am a working mom and I talk about my struggles as a working mom. I also talk about the stock market and how to get out of debt. I love to garden and can what I have produced. | Details
Details : Plugados com Deus! br
Plugados com Deus!

Um blog dedicado a mostrar de forma simples como viver totalmente unido, plugado com Deus e com sua palavra! | Details
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