Details : La ciencia de la naturaleza es
La ciencia de la naturaleza

Web de autoayuda, ciencia y tecnologia.

Comprendiendo nuestra realidad | Details
Details : BLOGitse ma

I blog about our expat life, currently living in Casablanca, Morocco.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”. – Albert Einstein | Details
Details : DG's Blog in
DG's Blog

having information and technology news | Details
Details : Honja in Heeland ph
Honja in Heeland

This is my personal blog. It will have everything I dare to share or write about. My life revolves around college (BSIT), Korea (KPop Idols, Korean movies and dramas, Korean language, Korean Fashion, Korean Food, etc.), Movies, TV Shows/Series, and lots of people (family, friends, and even strangers). ~ "Man is the only creature that refuses to be what he is." ~Albert Camus | Details
Details : Butterfly Diva us
Butterfly Diva

Social website, for Women, moms, make-up lovers to share tips and sales and advice. | Details
Details : Musing of an Expressive, Ordered and Restless Mind my
Musing of an Expressive, Ordered and Restless Mind

This blog is used to highlight my hobbies as well as interest in the environment as well as alternative energy. Sharing tips on being a smart consumer and keeping healthy is also my aim | Details
Details : peaceful parenting us
peaceful parenting

A bold, fresh, research-based site detailing many aspects of pregnancy, birth, babies, sexuality, health and family life. Rooted in empirical data, with a splash of real-life experience, is both a parent's best friend & empowering resource along the way. | Details
Details : Extreme and Fabulous id
Extreme and Fabulous | Details
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