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Beautiful Places Across The World

Travel, Underwater photography, Music,Beautiful Pics, Sailing, Tango, Videos, myquote, the best of friends blogs. Enjoy and Entertaining.

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Details : Le Cuoche in Dispensa it
Le Cuoche in Dispensa

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Blog for the male foot lovers, Updated daily with exclusive content.

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English Man In Moscow

Slowly having a breakdown..... A blog and diary of life in Moscow Russia and the daily routine of being a 'SAHD' stay at home dad and other such things. Join me on a tongue-in-cheek fun journey into another universe. Sponsored by: Babywipes, keeping those parts moist and clean. Published now & then: Price: Free. Copyright 2010. Poo Vision inc

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Details : Me & my life??? my
Me & my life???


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Details : We Love MUSCLE! us

Bodybuilding and the art of the male form. Bodybuilding information, photos and videos. A huge resource of Bodybuilding sites, info and pictures celebrating male muscle.

It's a fun site I have been doing for years!

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Details : Foto del giorno, photo from Sardinia Italy it
Foto del giorno, photo from Sardinia Italy

photo from Sardinia (Italy)

Where the air is orange scented … and the sky and the sea have the same colour.
Enveloped by the sea mountains but open towards the Mediterranean sea, the Sarrabus region is one of the most picturesque in Sardinia. The coast is framed and protected by the Aragonese towers, true sentinels against the Saracen invasion. It is an area characterized by rich Mediterranean vegetation sloping towards crystal clear waters, long fine and sandy beaches, magnificent cliffs and small isolated coves. Tracing the course of one of the most important rives in Sardinia, the Flumendosa, you will be fascinated what mother nature has created: forest, the Mediterranean undergrowth bent by wind, the luxuriant myrtle that fragrances the air and the strong flowing springs, all come together to make the region incomparable in its capacity to transmit grand emotions.

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Details : Dolce Mania per la Pasticceria it
Dolce Mania per la Pasticceria

A blog full of recipes, tips and more to create the best Italian desserts!!!

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