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What I am, is beyond most people imagination. Don't assume anything about me. Very private & shy. Very selective about friends. Dislike conformity. Can't tolerate fools, idiots or bores. Prefer intelligent & creative minds. Dull topics turn me off. Not easily impress. Hate answering personal questions. If I reply to anything, it may not be what it seems. I have a rather runaway imaginative mind. About My Blog: People kept asking why I didn't update my blog daily. My blog is more of a photo blog than a diary. No photo, no write. Unlike others who write about trivial daily stuff, I only blog when significant events happen in my life, matters I want to remember or my interests & hobbies. Blogging takes up time, need inspiration or mood. I want my blog to be interesting, not mundane rubbish. If I don't have the time, inspiration or mood to blog, I'll just leave it. Because of my blogging habits, recent entries may be events that happened some time ago.

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