Details : Tramonto Falck di Fabio Musati it
Tramonto Falck di Fabio Musati

Tramonto Falck is a romance, where the Milan of the sixties with its huge steel industries meets with the new city where the walls of these abandoned plants are fully covered with writings and graffiti. 3 generations in search of the sense of their lives move in this urban scenario. | Details
Details : catturando momenti di vita it
catturando momenti di vita

un sito di immagini di vita reale in cui ogni passione, ogni colore e emozione, fatti quotidiani, vengono catturati dall'obbiettivo della mia macchina fotografica e trasmessi ai visitatori del mio blog. | Details
Details : Express Eternity Tattoos id
Express Eternity Tattoos

various collections of the largest tattoo pictures | Details
Details : Metallic Dreams au
Metallic Dreams

I love anything arty crafty and spend my time looking for new projects to try. I am a mixed media artist you could say and I blog about arts, crafts, my family and life. Nothing more nothing less..... my happiness is paint on my hands ;))) | Details
Details : Stories from Mexico And The Rest Of The World mx
Stories from Mexico And The Rest Of The World

Encounters with Mayan Indians, Mestizos and other Mexicans, womens`lifestories, Encounters with people in Africa. TGhe lifestories of old women in Chiapas, from the wife of a Lacandon shaman to the one of a revolutionary. Photographs of Mexico, paintings from Africa and of Mayan women. Food for thought about the hardships and the beauty of human life. | Details
Details : Bramdoro pe

A blog where are : Art, Literature, Music, my diary and others... | Details
Details : Coffee On Mornings es
Coffee On Mornings

A place to relax, to turn off the thoughts, to turn on the music of the souls. To turn on muses and to have a cup of your favorite coffee. | Details
Details : Savannah, GA's #1 Blog Spot us
Savannah, GA's #1 Blog Spot

Showcasing Up & Coming Underground Indie artist from Savannah, GA. Also displaying Music, Videos, and Promoting local Parties and Events in Georgia and sounding States. The Latest mp3's, Rap, Hip Hop, Videos and Downloads. | Details
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