Details : Creatividad Natural ar
Creatividad Natural

Art, design, illustration, photography, | Details
Details : Irukkam lk

Article, Poems, Short Stories, Novels, News, other common writings | Details
Details : filipe franco photography pt
filipe franco photography

Daily photos from the Azores | Details
Details : Black on Grey on White de
Black on Grey on White

Inside studio news and behind the scenes view of my graphite art world. A world filled with everything a life full of life brings! | Details
Details : Six of the Dreaded Poems ca
Six of the Dreaded Poems

original poetry | Details
Details : Bmboo and Plum Blossom ca
Bmboo and Plum Blossom

oriental poetry | Details
Details : Digital Scrapbook Freebies us
Digital Scrapbook Freebies

Digital Scrapbook Commercial Use Freebies. Photoshop Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop actions CU designer Marbled Circle | Details
Details : The JOY of The Joy of Painting us
The JOY of The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross and my wonderful Mother In Law, Mimi (may they both RIP) inspired me to learn to paint. I still miss Bob Ross, and there will always be a hole in my heart for Mimi. But she's up there watching, I'll just betcha'

Share the JOY | Details
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