How To Write Articles

A few simple tips below may be useful as signs for you in writing a new article in your blog. Some things to note are:

  • Use the short and dense paragraph and sentence structure but clear. Would you like to listen to other people who talk long-winded, complex and not easy to understand? If yes, that was also felt by those who visit your blog. They want to get as much as possible information in the shortest time.
  • While search engines like the complete article but the “Read More …” is still necessary. You still need a “Read More …” to ’save’ you from too long articles in your blog.
  • Pictures or photographs should be included in the paragraph. Images and photographs that entered into the paragraph will be more harmonious with the rest of the article.
  • Reduce personal info that is not necessary such as your logo, copyright and so on. Readers need your articles, not all your personal data.
  • Original information is better to written. Although it’s currently difficult to get, unless you are a frequent visitor of the library and avid reader.