Tips To Increase Twitter Followers

  • Send unlimited traffic to your Twitter profile.
  • Maintain good tweets in the first page of your profile.
  • Add “tweet this” button on your articles.
  • Look who is following you.
  • Get your Twitter profile link featured on others website.
  • Show the follow me button at the top of your blog or website.
  • Try to use your Twitter profile URL, while blog commenting.
  • Use Twitter ID in your email signature.
  • Tweet valuable things & recant activity.
  • Use a background for your Twitter profile.
  • Choose good Twitter ID.
  • Use your Twitter URL in other social networking, social bookmarking and social media sites.
  • Using your real photo or your blog logo in Twitter background..
  • Include your Twitter ID in forum signature.
  • Follow others.
  • Make your profile as good as possible.
  • Just Block spammers and other useless automated boots by using the blocking feature in Twitter.
  • Tweet at the time of US business hours.
  • Add your Twitter ID on all the guest posts that you write.
  • Follow everyone who follows you.
  • Write some interesting articles about Twitter on your blog.

Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page

  • Invite People from your Facebook friend lists.
  • Find people with Facebook search.
  • Attract people with Facebook Social Ads.
  • Use Facebook Fan Page Twitter App.
  • Add Facebook Fan Box Widget on your site.
  • Encourage people to “Share” and “Like” your updates.
  • Create a Unique Page Image.
  • Join the Conversation.
  • Try RSS Graffiti.
  • Add to your Email Signature Block.
  • Use Facebook Apps.
  • Invite your Email Subscribers.
  • Add a Link on your personal profile.
  • Use the Share button.
  • Update Regularly!

15 New Ideas To Blog About

  1. Is it worth reading that you are writing ? The most important point.
  2. Has anyone posted it earlier, if yes then are you talking something unique ? Please post less but unique.
  3. Will it be useful to others ? Post something fruitful to others. Which saves money.
  4. Do you know some unique tips and tricks ? Post them.
  5. Do you have a good sense of Humor ? Get that out.
  6. Are you good at some Controversial topics ? Write about them.
  7. Do you believe in Ghosts ? if not then write about it. Write Paranormal topics.
  8. Do you religiously follow something ? like iPhone, Mac, Obama, Cars.. Blog about that
  9. What are your Fears ? people are attracted to intriguing facts.
  10. Become a Grandma and narrate a Story or recite your poetry.
  11. Show off your technical/professional know how and help people. Start a forum.
  12. Try writing something or anything which makes sense, First.
  13. And last but not the least, will people come back after reading whatever you are writing.
  14. Were you a part of some Event? Blog that.
  15. Blog your Hobbies. Are you a photographer ? Setup your Flickr stream.
  16. Ask others to post if you have some friends.